We add the missing link between your business and your customers,
wherever your products are in the world

Intelligent Targeting

ATDL allows you to target language, country, region, time, device and much more, under one Campaign. We give a whole new meaning to location based mobile marketing. Treat every customer according to their own needs.

Smart Conversion

Add the missing link between your product and your end customer. Marketing on the mobile can start from the shelf. Engage and collect data where your product is.

Quick & Easy

Use our mobile templates to create stunning Campaigns on the fly. We promise Campaign setup and QR code generation in less than 5 minutes.

Multiple Pages per Campaign

Each Campaign can have as many Pages as you need; while each Page can target a different need, like language, location or time. Mobile marketing done right.

A/B testing

Run multiple mobile marketing web Pages, at any given time, and decide what works better for your Campaign. A/B testing for mobile advertising with real time analytics.

No IT knowledge required

We've made it easy to build or alter a mobile marketing web Page and connect it with a product or service through a QR or NFC tag. Create your QR code on us and learn how to use them for mobile marketing.